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11227 James Madison Parkway
King George, Virginia 22485

Service Area

Proudly serving the Northern Neck of Virginia and areas as far south as Richmond, west to Charlottesville and the southern area of Maryland.

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Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm

By Appointment Only

Our Story

The mission of Storke Pet Loss Center is to facilitate meaningful ways for families to grieve their loss and to celebrate the memories of their beloved animals. In partnership with community veterinarians, the staff at Storke Pet Loss Center provides the highest quality of care for your cherished family pet.

Storke Pet Loss Center offers pet cremation and care for your beloved companion. Because it is a family-owned and operated business built on trust, reliability, and high-quality service, Storke Pet Loss Center has refined the standards of the pet cremation industry to provide you peace of mind. The reputation and solid customer-base of our parent company, Storke Funeral Home, is a testament to our philosophy and our high standards of care. All of our staff has a life-long love and affection for animals.

The pet owner’s veterinarian will often suggest pet cremation, but the choice to cremate an animal, as well as where this service is handled, is a decision that is solely the responsibility of the pet owner. Often pet owners are not aware of the options and simply ask their vet to handle it, but all they need to do is tell their vet that they wish to use a specific service.

Unlike some services, you may also call Storke Pet Loss Center directly to arrange for your animal to be picked up. Where other services may take weeks to handle this delicate task and then deliver your pet remains in a tin can or velvet bag, Storke Pet Loss Center goes the extra mile when handling your pet’s cremation and offers extras like a paw print and lock of hair, as well as decorative and commemorative urns and plaques that you can have engraved with a special message about your pet, or simply list the pet’s name and date of birth and death.

For most people that own pets, they are beloved members of the family and losing them can be stressful and painful and unlike the planning for arrangements and services that goes beforehand with humans, pet owners are often unprepared or unequipped to deal with the limited options for pet burial. Some municipalities may not allow traditional burial in the back yard and pet cemeteries may not be available, leaving cremation as the only viable option.

Storke Pet Loss Center’s facilities are located on the joint campus of the King George chapel of Storke Funeral Home, Historyland Memorial Park and Faithful Friend Pet Cemetery. Faithful Friend Pet Cemetery is the only pet cemetery in the area. It began in 1968 as a comforting compliment to Historyland Memorial Park. Now individuals that are buried or inurned in Historyland can have the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that their beloved companion will rest nearby with them.

We are the only pet cremation service in the Northern Neck of Virginia and southern area of Maryland. We also offer free pet obituaries and tributes. We encourage families to add photos and submit fond remembrances of their beloved companions on our website.