Services We Offer

We provide quality care for your beloved pet as they make their transition to the Rainbow Bridge. We are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services includes making an appointment to meet you at our office or we can schedule to come to your home or veterinarian’s office. Please call for information which will include pricing on the service of your choice.

Individual Cremation
Your pet is cremated exclusively in our cremation chamber with no other pets. These ashes are returned to you in the urn or another memorial product of your choice. Most items can be personalized with a sentiment to express the special relationship you had with your pet.

Communal Cremation
Your pet is cremated along with other pets. The cremains are not returned to you and are scattered by Storke Pet Loss Center. This option is exclusive to veterinarian offices.

Faithful Friend Pet Cemetery offers a full range of caskets, vaults and markers for burial. Please call us to help you personalize the very best memorial product for your special pet.

We can assist you with your beloved pet’s pre-arrangements. This will help you when the time comes to make the transition easier; and at that time, we will follow your pre-arranged wishes that we have filed. You can also ask about memorial products, such an engraved urn, marker, or another memorial product. They can be pre-ordered so there is no waiting.